Heyo! This is actually my first Secret SanTAY, seeing as I joined back in January of this year, and what a year it has been! Here’s some stuff about me:

I love most forms of video games, but Nintendo games in particular are my bread and butter. I actually really like collecting old cartridges and discs for retro consoles, because I’m weird like that.


Along that same vein, (I think that’s the expression?) I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE The Legend of Zelda. Like, so, so much. But, hypocritically, I haven’t played all of them because I want to find physical copies of the games and not use virtual console, because I’m a maniac. I’m missing a lot of the Zelda games from the GameBoy line, both Color and Advanced. I own the original Link’s Awakening (but not DX), Oracle of Ages but not Oracle of Seasons, and A Link to the Past + Four Swords but not The Minish Cap, which is probably the game I want to play the most, but also fairly hard to find under $25. I also do not own Four Swords Adventures, the original GameCube version of The Wind Waker, or A Link Between Worlds, as I gave the digital copy of the game to my younger sister along with my old 3DS.

Speaking of Zelda, I’ve been collecting all of the amiibo for that series, but I sadly missed out on the Twilight Princess HUMAN Link amiibo. Chances of finding that thing for under $25 is next to zero (and I wouldn’t want you to pay scalpers anyway), but hey, a man can dream. I’d also be quite happy with either the Callie or Marie amiibo.

I also got a PS4 this year, and there are a ton of games on the system that I want to get. I currently own the Kingdom Hearts and Uncharted collections, so don’t get me any games from those series, Undertale, The Last of Us, and Horizon: Zero Dawn. Some games that look cool are the Bioshock collection, Wolfenstein: The New Order, or Fallout 4.

I also like Zelda stuff from art books (I own Hyrule Historia and Art and Artifacts) to plushies to posters, etc. If you’re artistic, a homemade Zelda or Steven Universe art, plushie, etc. would be awesome!


I also love Steven Universe and Gravity Falls. Merch, or even DVDs from those series (since I don’t own any) would also be very welcome.

Shirt size: Men’s large

Gaming systems: GameBoy Advanced SP (backwards compatible with GameBoy and GameBoy Color), New 3DS (backwards compatible with DS), GameCube, Wii U (backwards compatible with Wii), Switch, PlayStation 4. No PC games please, because I have no way to play those.


Yeesh, did I give you enough ideas? Also, if you find anything that you think I’d like from previous articles I’ve written or that any gamer would like, feel free to get that. I’m not picky. =P

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