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ThePickyGamer's 2018 Secret Santa Guide

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Hey there! If you’re reading this, you’ve been selected as my Secret Santa! (or you’re just snooping on my wish list, smh Zarnyx) It’s insane to me how I only joined TAY last year, as it seems like I’ve known you people forever! (To be fair, I joined in early January of 2017) I know I’m not very active here when it’s not “SixTAY Days of Writing,” (which is almost definitely happening next year, shhh don’t tell anyone) but I love reading and occasionally commenting on your stuff all year ‘round.


With that out of the way, here are some gift ideas!

Amiibo: Some might say I have an amiibo problem. I own every single amiibo in the Smash Bros. (Except gold Mega-Man, but good luck finding that under $25) and Legend of Zelda line, but two I have my eye on are the Marina and Celica amiibo. If you could find either the Pearl/ Marina or Alm/ Celica set for under $25, that would be grand, but they might be difficult to find. Don’t bother with any of the Smash Ultimate amiibo, I’m asking family for those.


Games: I am always looking for more great games to find on Switch or PS4. A lot of the games under $25 are digital only, so please feel free to send a digital download code or a digital gift card with your suggestion. I am strongly considering Celeste or Okami on Switch, and I’d probably love you forever if you got me either.

Plushies: I am an 18-year-old man and dammit, I still love me some plushies! I will always love any plushies from The Legend of Zelda or Pokemon, but I also love Professor Layton and haven’t seen too many plushies for that series, so if you can find/ make (!) one, that would be phenomenal.


Laptop Stickers?: I’ve recently become pretty conscious that my laptop is kinda boring compared to everyone else’s since it’s just the boring Dell logo on the back. If you find any cool stickers from Zelda, Pokemon, Layton, Avatar: The Last Airbender (or Korra), Mario, Horizon Zero Dawn, Doctor Who, Fire Emblem (any of the 3DS games), or any other series I’ve written about, a few of those would be great.

My t-shirt size is large, but unless you find something that you think I absolutely need, I’d prefer not to get a t-shirt, just because I have so many already.


Also feel free to make something yourself if you’re artsy!

I hope I gave you some ideas for the Secret Santa! Happy holidays!

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